Meditation CD

When you listen to my Meditation CD it will awaken the spirit deep within your soul and reconnect you to your past time.

While you are relaxed it will take you on a journey through the four elements and give you a connection with each element. This can happen on a conscious or unconscious level.

This Meditation CD was given to me through channelled energies. I felt very honoured to be able to bring this information through and be able to help as many people as possible just by connecting up to listen.

I started with the element of AIR to give you the feeling of freedom, space and to believe in your self, to send your mind into your imagination, and to allow yourself to have your own dreams and goals.

WATER was the next element that came to me. Your connection with the three dolphins allows you to drift into and out of times that have long gone; you may have a connection with Lemurian times or perhaps Atlantis times or maybe Avalon times. Your soul energy will make the connection. Some of you may also feel a real shift — for others it is a subtle shift — which often means you may not feel it straight away.

The element of EARTH came next. This takes you deep into the heart and core of Mother Earth’s home. She welcomes you and shows you some of her most-loved treasures, her crystals, and you also have the chance to see a crystal that will resonate with your whole being. You can wear your crystal knowing it has chosen you for your highest good.

My last element was FIRE. This gives you the chance to scribble down anything that no longer serves you purpose in life. By writing down anything that has attached itself to you, especially from the past, can now be cleansed and cleared by burning it in the fire. There is a sense of relief and disconnection from your burdens.

Enjoy the sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls and the tincture bells.

Cost: $20·00 each (plus postage and handling)